About Me

Hi my name is Jhordan Fernandez Kee an independent distributor of DXN International Private Limited Incorporation.
I am conducting business seminars on how to make money in DXN and Also sharing the goodness of DXN products in our health.

That's me and my Ex-girlfriend Jodesy(Now My wife), this picture is taken in our family bonding outing in Bulacan, Philippines.

I was invited in DXN by my beloved Business partner Dennis Villarosa (Former Engineer at day and Jeepney driver at night) along with his back rider and now one of the best in our group (MPH Team) Edward Larin.

At first I was hesitant to do the DXN business because I thought I was Invited just to sell the product. But after attending the business opportunity meeting (Business presentation), I fully understand the concept of the business that I can earn more compare to our day job and get our dreams come true. So, I joined the business and now I am harvesting the fruit of my own labor as an entrepreneur. For those people who want to join the 5% club (rich people), I just want to remind you that success doesn't happen overnight. You must be willing to pay the price. So if you are ready, we are happy to welcome you in our team.

If you are interested to know about the DXN products or to join the business of DXN international. Just email me at Jhorgekee@gmail.com and if you are residing in the Philippines just give me a text message at 09491605660. I am willing to support you and let's help each other to to reach our endeavors in life.

I made this blog to give some information about DXN products to those who are health conscious, Introduce the DXN business on how DXN will change your life, to help my fellow DXN distributors and anything good or funny thing that I can share.

I also like to thank our lord for giving us strength to face challenges in life, my parents, my brother, my relatives, my road 4 friends, my business partners in DXN (you all know who you are), My wife and Son (Jynwayne) and all those people that visits this site. You are all my inspiration. So if you want to know the latest updates from me just subscribe to my Feeds.

Enjoy the show at DXN Lingzhi Coffee Library!!!

Your friendly DXNers,
Jhordan Kee