Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why is it important to attend trainings and meetings in DXN?

Have you ever wondered why a lot of people sign up and after a month they quit the business? I was almost became one of these people, who sign up and all of a sudden quit the business. How did I surpass this challenge in my life doing DXN business? With the help of my supportive upline who keeps on updating me about trainings and meetings that I should attend. A lot of us love the money in DXN business, but hate to attend trainings and meetings. This is the reason why a lot of people who sign up and quit the business immediately, because they don’t want to attend basic trainings. If you are now a distributor of DXN now, you better start attending trainings and meetings in DXN.

Ask yourself why you need to attend trainings and meetings in DXN

Ask these questions to yourself:
1.    Are you already making enough from your business?
2.    Do you understand what is necessary for your DXN business to be a success?
3.    Are you already an expert on your product line and/or compensation plan?
4.    Are you armed enough with the knowledge and skills that can help your group to grow?

If your answers no to any of those questions then stand up to your desk now, go attend the meetings and trainings in DXN; sharpen your axe. I respect you in whatever field you are in now. I respect you if you are a lawyer; I respect you if you are a Doctor but in doing DXN is a different profession. Humble down yourself and empty your glass.

Commit to attend trainings and meetings in DXN

I suggest you commit attending trainings and meeting in DXN daily for 6 months whether you feel like it or not, this will give you enough time to know more about your business. You will notice the changes in you every time you attend meetings, you will feel inspired, energetic, excited and confident about the products; you will become a positive thinker. You will also meet new successful distributor that will motivate you to feel you want to become like them. Even now, I still attend and do a research about DXN to keep me updated and maintain my belief in doing the business.