Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Animal-Based Diet Vs. Plant-Based Diet

Reason why you should shift from Animal-based diet or Plant-based diet

I want to share a video that I've found on YouTube. It is all about how animals are being tortured to death before their meat lays down on our tables and eat it. This video is very shocking and it may cause disturbance to children or to those people that will watch this kind of video for the first time.

I am not sharing this to discourage all people not to eat meat or animal-based product, instead to educate everyone or give an eye opener us. We are in the business of health products and we all know that eating meat is tolerable by our body when eating moderately. A business partner of mine who used to be a Nurse by profession told me that we are only allowed to eat a "Matchbox" sized of meat in a day, most people are not aware of this.

Educate your self about the goodness of Plant-based diet and the harmful effect of Animal-based diet

If you are a true DXN distributor and concern about your health, I know that you are aware that eating lots of animal-based products leads us to various diseases, like heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes and many more.

It is taught during our seminars about product presentation and Ganotherapy and it is a fact. Our body is designed to eat plant-based food, but as the time goes by so fast and as the technology rises eating plan-based diet is not anymore in our routine. We are now surrounded by big companies of processed foods like can goods, instant foods, junk foods and fast foods.

So, here is the video that turns a man from animal-based diet to a plant-based diet:(warning this video may cause disturbance)

Make a decision if you are in favor of Animal-Based diet or Plant-Based diet

The decision is in your hands, it is up to you if you will be joining this advocacy. I admit it is hard for us to change our diet from animal-based diet to a plant-based diet, but I believe in discipline and self motivation. You can always refer to this video and keep reminding yourself that you are a man and not a wild animal. Eating vegetables and fruits is the healthiest thing to do and most of all, take DXN food supplements for a healthy you.

I think former President Bill Clinton has agreed to this, if you don't believe me just watch the video here: