Sunday, August 26, 2012

The importance of making a follow up in DXN Business

Follow up is very important if you are doing DXN business, which if you have any contact with clients or your business partners, in any way, must be part of your DXN business. Unfortunately, a lot of distributors fail to do this that is why they don’t close the deal. Most clients need approximately 7 contacts to reach a decision, but the average follow up done by most of DXN distributors usually stop after 3 follow up attempts are made. If you stop making a follow up after 3 attempts, you’ve done all the work needed by other DXN distributor. Have you heard a person speak like this “I was invited before by another distributor, but I never heard about him anymore? I am really interested to join DXN business” other people say “I am using DXN products a long time ago, but the person who delivers the products to me just disappear and never see him again.” Or the most tragic is “I was a member of DXN 2 years ago but my sponsor didn’t follow up me anymore” You are very lucky if you meet these persons, but if you are the person who didn’t do the follow up to them; you’ve missed a client or a business partner. Got my point guys?

How to make a Follow up with your DXN clients and business partners?

So how we avoid this from happening? Follow up and do it consistently. You must not lose contact with your client and always communicate with your DXN business partner. Wait, I’d like to remind you that follow up doesn’t stop when you close a deal or after the 7th attempt. If you want to have a lifetime business with them you should never stop keeping in touch. Sometimes following up your client or your new DXN business partners are very challenging. Sometimes your client or your business partners think that you need something from them and they look at you like a dog scratching their feet for a bunch of meat. We don’t want this to happen! All we need to do is to keep our name at the front of the client or your business partners by giving them emails regarding our promos for our users, sending text message about the good news to our business partners or a motivational quote; you can sometimes be social like adding them to your Facebook friends or twitter and sharing a latest information regarding DXN.

Build a lifetime business with DXN

If you don’t know what to say or what information you want to give to your potential client or your business partners. Instead of always saying “will you buy today” message just go online and search some interesting topics or latest news about DXN, then just copy and paste it then send it. Make a follow up weekly not every day. Doing these simple and effective methods will make you always at your customer’s mind. You are creating a relationship not just a sale and you will notice the referral business will start to grow, even from those that do not buy products or join the DXN business today! You can still find and add new clients by adding them to your email list or mobile group’s contact, in this way you can save time and effort. Now we all know that making a follow up is the lifeline of our business. If you want to be in DXN business forever you must not stop doing a follow up.