Monday, February 25, 2013

How to Become A Star Diamond in 11 Months?

How to become a Star Diamond within 11 months & Earn Php176,708.00?

DXN is a simple business all you have to do is play with numbers, take action and do it consistently.

How this system works?

1.All you have to do is to consume or retail 6 sachet of lingzhi coffee 21grms. per day. This will help you maintain 1000 PV to get a commission.

6sachet x 30days = 180 sachet = 9 bags of lingzhi coffee

9bags x 118PV = 1062PV

2.Sponsor just one person every month & teach them to do the same for the next 11 months.

Where to get your prospects?

-look at your cellphone contacts
-your friends
-your family
-social network like Facebook, twitter and etc.,
-ask for referrals

and you can see the progress from the image below. That's how simple it is, just enjoy sharing DXN business.