Sunday, October 30, 2011

DXN in Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited

DXN's Pinoy Big Brother House Mate

Last night, while I was chatting with my DXN business partner through Facebook. One of my business partners suddenly messaged me and informed me about the show Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited; it really surprised me because one of DXN young top earner joined the reality show contest. After knowing that, I quickly turned on my T.V. and watch the show. Truly! It is Roy Gamboa is on T.V., a former student and one of top earner of DXN is one of Pinoy Big Brother's House Mate. While I am watching the show, I suddenly think of the incoming Travel Seminar Incentives Event this coming November. For those who don’t know, Roy Gamboa is also qualified in the Travel Seminar Incentive.

Knowing a Pinoy Big Brother Housemate

I really don’t know Roy Gamboa that well, but I first meet him in my first Travel Seminar Incentive held in Palawan. I was seated beside him and we just talked a little but not that much, because I was too nervous in my first flight in an airplane. Funny but it‘s true, Roy Gamboa serves as my guide on what I should do on my first flight. I do what he does, like fasten the seat belt, using the foot rest and even the complimentary tea and snacks. So guys! Let us support our fellow DXNers Roy Gamboa in his new journey as a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited. Good Luck Roy and more Power!

Watch the replay of the Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited
Just click the image below:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DXN Travel Seminar Incentive

I am excited because I got my congratulatory letter for the Travel Seminar Incentive 2011. This is my first travel gong outside the country for FREE. It is all expenses paid by the company the plane ticket, hotel accommodation and my favorite the buffet of food.  I just want to share this to all of my fellow DXNers to be inspired to work hard and work smart in doing DXN business. Normally, most people going abroad to work for others dream but here in DXN, people go abroad to have fun and learn more how to grow their DXN business. Travel Seminar Incentive is one of the privilege offered by the company to its distributor or business partners to enjoy, just imagine as you grow your business with small capital; you earn more and your travel is FREE.

We will be out of the country this November 25, it is actually my third travel in DXN.The first two travel is local and now outside the country. I want you to watch this video of pictures taken last years Travel Seminar Incentives held in Cebu Plantation Bay Hotel and imagine yourself Participating next years FREE travel. So all you guys out there! Are you going to Join Us? Or Just be left behind? Good luck and see you next year!