Sunday, August 28, 2011

DXN Kiddies Healthy and Fun Club Party

Despite of bad weather yesterday, my family went at DXN main office in SM North Edsa Manila, Philippines to attend my son Jynwayne in DXN Kiddies Healthy and Fun Club Party and also to meet some of my business partners. We arrived at the office around 1pm and we just waited for a moment for the party to start, after a minute of preparation the party has started. The party was lead by Mitch Periabras and Rose Avila; it is full of fun and a lot of activities that your child will enjoy, it consist of games, storytelling, dance lesson, and group cheer. The party also serves free snacks with DXN Cocozhi and the kids also get free products as a reward by participating in the games like DXN Nutrizhi and my sons new favorite DXN Spirulina Cereal. 

DXN Kiddies Healthy and Fun Club Party are open to all children ages 5-12 years old and admission is free. To my fellow DXNers and those people who want to join or attend the DXN business opportunity, be on those proud parents and bring your kids with you. Let your child interact with our DXN babies and enhance their skills with this program. Let us promote health and train our future leaders along with DXN products.

Watch this amateur video taken by my wife during the DXN Kiddies Healthy and Fun Club Party:

DXN Children's Party 1


DXN Children's Party 2

For updates on the schedule of DXN Kiddies Healthy and Fun Club Party click here.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Erasing Your Fears

Fear = false expectation appearing real 

Two types of fear:

Fear of rejection, most people are shy and don’t want to be rejected. I think everybody doesn’t want to be rejected but you know rejection is a part of life. Remember when you are a kid and you want your parents to buy you a toy? And they say NO, you’ve been rejected. When you go to college and court a college girl that you like? And she says NO, you’ve been rejected. When you are applying for a job and after the interview, they say you are not qualified. You’ve been rejected again. But still you don’t lose hope you keep on trying. The principle is the same when you do DXN business just keep on trying and don’t take rejection personally. You’ll never know that the guy you are looking for is just right beside you.

Fear of Failure, most people doesn’t want to try DXN business because they don’t want to fail. That is also a normal thing, but failing is part of being successful! Remember when you are a kid and want to learn how to ride a bike? You also have fear then, fear of falling down. In spite of having wounds and having some scratch due to repeated falls with the bike, but you just ignore it. The lesson is by your repeated falls, you learned from it. Same with DXN learn from your mistake, always keep in mind that failure is a success if you learn from it.
These fears are normal you just need to get used to it, all successful businessmen or successful distributors of DXN have their own experience of rejection and failure. 

Story of Col. Harland Sanders

Let’s take the story of an retired colonel with a recipe of chicken that he developed and offer it to different stores he was rejected 1,009 times before he got he’s first yes. That is the start of Kentucky Fried chicken.

Story of Michael Jordan

He missed more than 9000 shots of his career, lost almost 300 games and 26 times trusted to take the winning shot but he missed. But now he is one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

You just need a three letter word to overcome your fear.  Just TRY! Try to invite people, try to present the business and try to become successful. DXN will support you to become successful just bear with us. Always remember the greatest failure in life is the “Failure to Try.” The only way to overcome fear is to do what you fear.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fight Dengue Fever

 What is Dengue Fever?

Dengue fever is a virus-based disease spread by mosquitoes, it is commonly called Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is found in tropic and subtropic regions. It is a terrible illness that starts suddenly and usually follows a benevolent course with such symptoms as fever, headache, intense muscle and joint pains, tiredness, swollen glands and telltale rash.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever

Dengue fever starts with a sudden high fever, often as high 40-41 degrees Celsius. A flat, reddish rash may occur all over the body 2-5 days after the fever begins. A second rash, which looks like the measles, shows soon after the disease. Infected people may have increased skin sensitivity and are very uncomfortable. Some other signs of dengue are bleeding gums, redness in the palms of hands and soles of the feet.

Protect yourself in Having Dengue Fever

-         - Remove all mosquito breeding places. Places like flower base, garage, tires, and all possible storage of stagnant water.
-         - Apply anti-mosquito repellent like DXN Chubby Baby oil.
-        -  Avoid wearing dark clothes, wear light colored clothes. Mosquitoes are allergic to light colored clothes for the reason there are much more visible on this types of colors.
-         - Clean your surroundings and backyard. To prevent yourself in any diseases, cleanliness is the first step.
-        -  Avoid mosquito contact at daylight as much as possible. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes feed only in daylight.

Dengue fever Strikes those people with low level of immunity. So increase immunity with DXN products!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Too much Iron in the Body is Harmful

Disease called Haemochromatosis

A lot of us know that Iron is needed by our body to maintain good health, especially for making red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body; red bloods cells contain large amounts of iron. Lack of iron causes anemia, Do you what can you get if your body has excessive iron? A disease called Haemochromatosis. Too much iron in the body is toxic.

What are the causes of Haemochromatosis

The body has the ability to dispose unwanted iron, to protect our tissues in damage and disease. Haemochromatosis is usually caused by an inherited abnormality known as Hereditary haemochomatosis. Excessive iron may be caused by increased absorption of iron from the intestine; even the body does not require it. This is called Primary Iron Overload?

How Warren Pobje fights Haemochromatosis with the Help Of Ganoderma Mushroom:

I have the Haemochromatosis gene which causes the body to absorb abnormal and excessive amounts of iron. As iron is toxic, Haemochromatosis can cause arthritis, diabetes and liver disorders, among other diseases. Because it is genetic there is no cure and the only treatment is to be bled at regular intervals. For the last four years I've suffered constant and increasing pain in my joints together with some liver problems. During that four years I've had fortnightly bleeds for three months in each 6. By the end of August 2003 it had become difficult and painful to walk or drive. At the time I had just finished 3 months of fortnightly bleeds and the blood test revealed an iron reading of 85 (the recommended maximum is 100).

In the first week of September I started taking Ganoderma capsules. By the 4th day the pain was worse than I had ever had but by the end of that week the pain had started to decrease markedly. By the end of November I only had slight pain in 3 knuckles with no pain in my joints. I had my 3 monthly blood test at the end of November and instead of an iron level of around 500, as it normally would be after 3 months, the level was only 108, which is a negligible increase. For the first time in 4 years I'm 99% free of pain, my liver readings are getting back to normal and the majority of the excess iron is being flushed from my body and I no longer require regular bleeds. Thanks to Ganoderma I can live a normal happy, healthy life.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

DXN Leaders Interview at DZBB 594khz. Super Radyo

Last week was another unforgettable experience of mine. I was interviewed via mobile phone by Mr.Raul Virtudazo of DZBB 594khz. Super radyo(Radio network from the Philippines). 
At first I thought Mr.Marlon Mapa (One of the millionaires and mentor in DXN) is just joking around when he told me if is it Ok for me to be interviewed via Mobile phone by DZBB this Saturday(July 30,2011 to be exact). So, I just said yes to him without any hesitation. The night before I received a text message from him confirming that the interview is all set, after reading the message I felt nervous. 

Then this is it, the day of the interview. After an hour drive going from home to our main office in Sm North Edsa; while meeting our business partners and future business partners, suddenly my phone rung. A lady from DZBB, asked me if I'm ready for the interview and give me some instructions. So, she put me on the monitor of the program until Mr. Virtudazo talked to me. The interview is all about the positive side of network marketing , how & why we decided to join the business and our experiences in climbing the ladder to success. The program is not bias if the network marketing company is truly legal and trusted they find ways to contact those successful people to represent themselves for their company.

I am glad of this radio program choose the topic about the business. It will open a door for a lot of people to give it a try to be successful in this industry. Paul Zane Philzer's forecast about wellness revolution is coming into reality.

If you want  to listen to the live streaming interview of successful people with Mr.Raul Vitudazo. Just click the Image below: (The Program is every Saturday 6PM, Philippine time)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

DXN Online Registration Process

Are you a Facebook or a Twitter fanatics? Online games enthusiast? or just enjoying surfing the net and chatting with your friends online. 
I got a good news for you! Why don't you take advantage of the opportunity to earn online with DXN? Yes, you read it right. Now you can do your global business with DXN and give yourself a chance to become financially free and reach your dreams in life. You can never say you don't have time anymore doing this business.
Success is just at the tip of your finger and just a click away. So are you going to join the ride or just be left behind? The following video will guide you and your prospect on how the process of DXN Online registration is:

First thing to do is go here : Online registrationPhotobucket

then watch the videos Here

DXN online registration 1: Introduction





If you have questions or inquiries regarding DXN Online Registration just leave me a message (contact me) and I'm willing to respond with your concerns

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Daxentherapy By Dr.Reginald V. Hao


Let's learn it from the expert! I want to share this latest video from the DXN leadership camp in the Middle East were Dr. Reginald V. Hao discussed about how amazing the products of DXN are and how it can help us to achieve optimum health.

Dr. Reginald Hao is actively-practicing General & Pediatric surgeon in Bacolod City, Negros Occ., Philippines. For 19 years now, he has remained as the 1st & only board-certified Pediatric Surgeon in the whole island of Negros.

A simple person who wants to live life to the fullest, to use a cliche. But more importantly, to make a difference!

I know this would be a big help, not only for my fellow DXNers but also for those people that have a health problem.

So, if you are ready to learn. Go get some DXN Coffee to drink and snacks then enjoy watching.

Daxentherapy Part 1

Daxentherapy Part 2

Daxentherapy Part 3

Daxentherapy Part4

Daxentherapy Part 5

Daxentherapy Part 6

Daxentherapy Part 7

Monday, August 1, 2011

Success Story : Noel and Emma Coronel

Rags to Riches

"Rags to Riches" This is how I describe the life of these successful couples of DXN Philippines. Be inspired and be motivated by their story, Here it is:


Stay focus, never stop learning and always attend training

The life story of Noel and Emma Coronel is truly one of the most touching ones. As they describe it, they were practically living their lives the one-scratch-one-meal way until they found good health and financial freedom through the generous marketing plan of DXN.

Noel used to be a stock-man. He also ventured into selling sinangag, matamis na bao, and even tried door-to-door VHS selling while Emma was a factory worker - sewing bags.

Life was pretty tough back then. There was one point that Noel even attempted to sell his blood just to get P200 in return, though he was rejected because he was not a regular donor.

That was until Carmelita Mangaya introduced Noel and Emma to DXN. From the start, the couple saw the potentials of committing themselves to this business, and that was why they immediately devoted their time to it.

Noel and Emma related that at first, however, it was not easy, “It was difficult at first. Some are cynical and even relatives do not believe.”

With their commitment, dedication and perseverance, it did not take long before they started to reap the fruits of their labour. In the first month, they received P4,000, twice as much as what Emma was receiving from her work in the factory. That really helped them to believe in the business.

Their earnings hiked up rapidly the following months. They managed to buy a house and a car. Soon afterwards, they reached the Crown Diamond status. The couple noted that “Since 1995, when we got married we can’t even afford to buy a sala set,” but while in DXN they managed to buy more than that.

Noel and Emma's advice to aspiring-distributors, “Don't stop dreaming to the point that you also need to strive hard and do something. Stay focus, never stop learning and always attend trainings. That is the cross you need to carry. And later on such cross will be your bridge to success.”

“When you know what you are doing and you are on the right direction, right company, there is no impossible, you’ll become successful. What is the right company? For us, it’s none other than our beloved DXN International,” they noted.