Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Animal-Based Diet Vs. Plant-Based Diet

Reason why you should shift from Animal-based diet or Plant-based diet

I want to share a video that I've found on YouTube. It is all about how animals are being tortured to death before their meat lays down on our tables and eat it. This video is very shocking and it may cause disturbance to children or to those people that will watch this kind of video for the first time.

I am not sharing this to discourage all people not to eat meat or animal-based product, instead to educate everyone or give an eye opener us. We are in the business of health products and we all know that eating meat is tolerable by our body when eating moderately. A business partner of mine who used to be a Nurse by profession told me that we are only allowed to eat a "Matchbox" sized of meat in a day, most people are not aware of this.

Educate your self about the goodness of Plant-based diet and the harmful effect of Animal-based diet

If you are a true DXN distributor and concern about your health, I know that you are aware that eating lots of animal-based products leads us to various diseases, like heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes and many more.

It is taught during our seminars about product presentation and Ganotherapy and it is a fact. Our body is designed to eat plant-based food, but as the time goes by so fast and as the technology rises eating plan-based diet is not anymore in our routine. We are now surrounded by big companies of processed foods like can goods, instant foods, junk foods and fast foods.

So, here is the video that turns a man from animal-based diet to a plant-based diet:(warning this video may cause disturbance)

Make a decision if you are in favor of Animal-Based diet or Plant-Based diet

The decision is in your hands, it is up to you if you will be joining this advocacy. I admit it is hard for us to change our diet from animal-based diet to a plant-based diet, but I believe in discipline and self motivation. You can always refer to this video and keep reminding yourself that you are a man and not a wild animal. Eating vegetables and fruits is the healthiest thing to do and most of all, take DXN food supplements for a healthy you.

I think former President Bill Clinton has agreed to this, if you don't believe me just watch the video here:

Thursday, November 22, 2012

DXN Diamonds Dinner Meeting and DXN 13th Anniversary

DXN Diamonds Dinner Meeting

November 16, 2012 me and my business partner Edward Larin went to Shangri-La Restaurant in West Avenue Quezon city around 6pm to attend the DXN diamonds meeting with Dato' Dr. Lim Siow Jin. 
The diamond meeting was a night of motivation, future plans of the company for DXN distributors, investment programs and bonding with all the Star Diamond Distributors from different part of the Philippines while eating delicious dishes.

That's me and my business partner Edward Larin

The Crowd

Behind the crowd

Eating time! YUM YUM!

Bonding with the Diamonds

Our business partner based in Cavite and Samar
Star Diamond Madam Nita

Picture taking with DXN Founder Dato' Dr.Lim Siow Jin 
and Mr.Teoh Hang Ching
See you on DXN Philippines13th Anniversary
@Cuneta Astrodome

DXN 13th Anniversary at Cuneta Astrodome

After DXN Diamonds Dinner meeting, the fun continues at the Cuneta Astrodome to celebrate DXN Philippines 13th Anniversary.

As I enter, this catches my attention
 Our new product loading system of DXN Philippines

Our business partner from Samar
Ave and Evan

Our business partner from Mandaluyong
Star Diamond Antonio Raymundo

Me and my business leaders

What a nice audience!

Dato' Dr. Lim Siow Jin Speech


Hope you enjoy our 13th year anniversary! See you next year and I wish all the best for us, POWER!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

DXN 3 in 1 Lingzhi Coffee Classic

New Lingzhi 3in1 Classic
Lingzhi 3in1 classic 
A new new blend of coffee with same benefits and creamier than our famous 3in1 Lingzhi coffee. The Lingzhi Coffee 3-in-1 classic is an organic coffee (healthy coffee) beverage uniquely blended with the finest Brazilian coffee beans, Ganoderma extracts, Sugar and Low Fat Creamer. This coffee tastes really good! It is packaged individually in small sachets for instant satisfaction and everyday-use consumption. This coffee has vitamins and minerals that provide aid to other elements in the body to produce energy. Drink it daily during breakfast,after meals or snacks and feel active all day! The Lingzhi coffee 3-in-1 is also called the mushroom coffee or ganoderma coffee. The careful processing of this coffee maintains its nutritional value while its main components are organically grown. Experience the great tasting,newest and healthiest Lingzhi coffee 3-in-1 Classic.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Why Quit DXN Business?

Success versus Quitting DXN Business

Do you ever wonder why people quit and failed in DXN? And why someone pursues and become successful in DXN?
What is the difference between them? The answer is so simple, successful people in DXN don't give up that easily and they take action  in every idea they think are good. They never entertained negative things that surround them.

It is not that easy to build a long term business in DXN, but it is possible and you have to work hard to achieve it. There is no elevator to Success, you need to climb the ladder. You may think that successful people in DXN get in that status easily, you are wrong! They had experienced the challenges that you are experiencing now, but they don't quit in Doing DXN Business. They also experienced failure and started over an over again until they make it.

Quitting is the Easiest way to fail in DXN business

If you want to succeed in this business, just don't quit doing DXN business and if you want to fail in DXN, quitting is the easiest way. Try to interview some of the successful people in DXN on how they became successful in DXN business? They will just answer you  just keep going, never stop doing DXN business and soon you'll make it.

I like to share a video on how Lego became successful and how they overcome the challenges in their business.

My story of quitting DXN Business and how did I deal with it

I myself have experienced this kind of feeling but truly successful people have something in common. I don't want to quit DXN Business and I always say to myself that I will not become a failure and I never back down.Those are the words that I keep on saying to myself whenever I feel like quitting.

I also keep myself busy, I always attend meetings at the office to keep me updated on what is new, I talk to positive people and interview some of the successful distributor about what they are doing. Until I felt that I'm comfortable, proud, knowledgeable about the business and became independent doing the DXN business.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The importance of making a follow up in DXN Business

Follow up is very important if you are doing DXN business, which if you have any contact with clients or your business partners, in any way, must be part of your DXN business. Unfortunately, a lot of distributors fail to do this that is why they don’t close the deal. Most clients need approximately 7 contacts to reach a decision, but the average follow up done by most of DXN distributors usually stop after 3 follow up attempts are made. If you stop making a follow up after 3 attempts, you’ve done all the work needed by other DXN distributor. Have you heard a person speak like this “I was invited before by another distributor, but I never heard about him anymore? I am really interested to join DXN business” other people say “I am using DXN products a long time ago, but the person who delivers the products to me just disappear and never see him again.” Or the most tragic is “I was a member of DXN 2 years ago but my sponsor didn’t follow up me anymore” You are very lucky if you meet these persons, but if you are the person who didn’t do the follow up to them; you’ve missed a client or a business partner. Got my point guys?

How to make a Follow up with your DXN clients and business partners?

So how we avoid this from happening? Follow up and do it consistently. You must not lose contact with your client and always communicate with your DXN business partner. Wait, I’d like to remind you that follow up doesn’t stop when you close a deal or after the 7th attempt. If you want to have a lifetime business with them you should never stop keeping in touch. Sometimes following up your client or your new DXN business partners are very challenging. Sometimes your client or your business partners think that you need something from them and they look at you like a dog scratching their feet for a bunch of meat. We don’t want this to happen! All we need to do is to keep our name at the front of the client or your business partners by giving them emails regarding our promos for our users, sending text message about the good news to our business partners or a motivational quote; you can sometimes be social like adding them to your Facebook friends or twitter and sharing a latest information regarding DXN.

Build a lifetime business with DXN

If you don’t know what to say or what information you want to give to your potential client or your business partners. Instead of always saying “will you buy today” message just go online and search some interesting topics or latest news about DXN, then just copy and paste it then send it. Make a follow up weekly not every day. Doing these simple and effective methods will make you always at your customer’s mind. You are creating a relationship not just a sale and you will notice the referral business will start to grow, even from those that do not buy products or join the DXN business today! You can still find and add new clients by adding them to your email list or mobile group’s contact, in this way you can save time and effort. Now we all know that making a follow up is the lifeline of our business. If you want to be in DXN business forever you must not stop doing a follow up.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

DXN's Two Good News For July 2012

As of July 1, 2012 there are two changes in our DXN business and I know this will boost up my fellow DXN distributors to strive harder & to be more focus on doing the business. The moment you've signed up in DXN, you started your own business and you become one of our family. DXN is our family and our family will not let us down. DXN Really cares!

DXN's Two Good News

First good news, our One-time, Big Time Incentives.Our Handphone Cash Incentive when you become a Star Ruby increased its rate from 10,500 pesos it turned into 12,500 pesos and our Overseas Trip Cash Incentive when you helped your 5 direct business partners to have their own handphone cash incentive increased from 70,000 pesos to 100,000 pesos.

Second good news, buy 1 sachet of DXN Lingzhi Coffee with Points Value. We can now purchase one sachet of DXN lingzhi coffee for only 20pesos as distributors price with 6PV.

So, guys what are you waiting for? Spread the good news and let your business grow more faster with these two good news.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why is it important to attend trainings and meetings in DXN?

Have you ever wondered why a lot of people sign up and after a month they quit the business? I was almost became one of these people, who sign up and all of a sudden quit the business. How did I surpass this challenge in my life doing DXN business? With the help of my supportive upline who keeps on updating me about trainings and meetings that I should attend. A lot of us love the money in DXN business, but hate to attend trainings and meetings. This is the reason why a lot of people who sign up and quit the business immediately, because they don’t want to attend basic trainings. If you are now a distributor of DXN now, you better start attending trainings and meetings in DXN.

Ask yourself why you need to attend trainings and meetings in DXN

Ask these questions to yourself:
1.    Are you already making enough from your business?
2.    Do you understand what is necessary for your DXN business to be a success?
3.    Are you already an expert on your product line and/or compensation plan?
4.    Are you armed enough with the knowledge and skills that can help your group to grow?

If your answers no to any of those questions then stand up to your desk now, go attend the meetings and trainings in DXN; sharpen your axe. I respect you in whatever field you are in now. I respect you if you are a lawyer; I respect you if you are a Doctor but in doing DXN is a different profession. Humble down yourself and empty your glass.

Commit to attend trainings and meetings in DXN

I suggest you commit attending trainings and meeting in DXN daily for 6 months whether you feel like it or not, this will give you enough time to know more about your business. You will notice the changes in you every time you attend meetings, you will feel inspired, energetic, excited and confident about the products; you will become a positive thinker. You will also meet new successful distributor that will motivate you to feel you want to become like them. Even now, I still attend and do a research about DXN to keep me updated and maintain my belief in doing the business.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Promoting Your DXN Business Online

I just want to share how I promote my DXN business online. First, I want you to get inspired about my last week's sale. As I log in to my account(If you don't know about click here to start posting your free Advertisement), someone messaged me and inquired about our DXN Ganozhi toothpaste. She leaves her mobile phone number, but I've read Her message late at night; that's why I decided to send her a message in the Morning. After an hour she replied and asked me if I can deliver 7 tubes of toothpaste at Ortigas,Pasig Manila.

 10 DXN Ganozhi Toothpaste Ready to Deliver
DXN Products Door To Door Delivery

Now how did I deal with this? I told her that I only do meet ups near my place and I prefer to deliver the product via door to door delivery. There is a lot of reliable door to door delivery service you can choose from like LBC, Xend, JRS Express or Air 21; these services are offered here in the Philippines. She decided to order 10 tubes of DXN Ganozhi toothpaste.

What Mode of Payment for DXN Products?

Now, let's talk about the payment. I use the term "Pay as you order" meaning they must send the money first including the shipping fee. You may ask me if the customer will agree to that? My answer is yes! If they are really serious to buy your product they will agree with your terms. You must be sure that you won't get scammed by a Bogus Buyer and as a DXN distributor you will not scam your customer, right? So don't get afraid to control the situation you just need to have a consistent communication with the customer. You can also give your DXN Identification number, complete name, contact number and address to show them that you are a trusted person. They can deposit the money through your bank account or money transfer just make sure you have a valid identification card to claim the money.

After I've withdrawn the money to my bank account, I purchase the order and personally delivered the item to her. Wondering why I personally delivered the product? I miscalculated the freight rate because the 10 tubes of DXN toothpaste is 1.5 kgs.and I found out that the actual delivery cost is greater than I've charged to the customer. It's better if I personally deliver the product and in the first place the products are already paid. I was surprised when I meet the customer, she is a Vice President of a well-known fast food chain in the Philippines and I am now encouraging her to be my business partner in DXN.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DXN Sta Maria Bulacan

How did I meet the Service Center Director of DXN Sta Maria Bulacan?

Before anything else, I want to first congratulate DXN Sta Maria Bulacan Service Center for hitting the first half million pesos sales and I know this is only the start. So, how did I meet Engr. Edgardo Dela Torre Jr.(Egay) Service Center Director of DXN Sta Maria? I don't know Egay personally I just meet him online and propose the business to him. Then after a few months of communicating online, Egay set a date to make a meet up to discuss how DXN business works. After presenting the business he decided to join on the spot and then do the business part time. After a few months of doing house meetings at their place and establishing networks of DXN distributors, he decided to put up a service center and the rest is history.

Get to know more of DXN Sta Maria Bulacan Service Center

Come in to DXN Sta Maria

Here is the picture of the facade of DXN Sta Maria.

If you want to sip some DXN Lingzhi coffee or DXN Cocozhi while talking to your prospect with a few coins you can enjoy it here.

Let's get inside! As you enter the service center you will notice this eye catching big DXN logo inside the counter.

 In the counter, products are properly organized inside a showcase and product shelves.

For network leaders, who are looking for a good place to conduct business presentations. I highly recommend that you should visit DXN Sta Maria. DXN Sta Maria has a Fully air-conditioned training room, LCD projector, flat screen TV (for film showing), whiteboard, tables for one on one presentation, complete set of products and a very accommodating staff.

Where is the Location of DXN Sta Maria Service Center?

DXN Sta maria is located at Unit L-M 2nd Floor Marian Bldg., A. Morales St., cor. J. P. Rizal St.
Poblacion, Sta Maria, Bulacan
Tel. No. : (044) 641-1319
Cel. No. : (0923) 460-8068; (0917) 418-0278
Look for : Egay

It is near the market of Sta Maria, Bulacan and in between Mercury Drug and SaveMore. So guys lets build our business at Sta Maria, Bulacan and see you there. Happy networking!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DXN Distributor's Welfare Fund

Dxn Distributor's Welfare fund

Aside for the products, leather starter kit and 1000 PV/SV that are included in the package. An another good news to my DXN Philippines family. DXN has added the DXN Distributor's Welfare Fund to our DXN 2,500 starter kit package 1 and package. This entitled our newly registered distributor for a one-year welfare fund with Php100, 000 coverage. It was started last January 1, 2012 and I know that this added feature will boost more of our distributor to focus on sponsoring more distributor to be part of our DXN family.

Read the terms and condition below:

DXn hilippines Insurance, Earn while you learn visit 
So, guys keep on promoting our business and products; wherever you go and whatever you are doing. Do DXN Daily!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

DXN Travel Seminar Incentive at Royal Caribean Cruise

DXN Travel Incentive at Royal Caribbean cruise

Another unforgettable experience, this travel is my first travel outside the Philippines and I really appreciate it. Imagine boarding at the Singapore-Malaysia Royal Caribbean cruise for free is a great pleasure and also reward for all your hard work doing the DXN business. I was accompanied by my brother (Benson Kee) and my beloved upline (Dennis Villarosa) to the airport around 2am. We arrived at Singapore around 7am and we check in at Fragrance hotel, Geylang to take a day's rest.

On board at Royal Caribbean

The 2nd day of our travel, we wake up early in the morning to prepare for the cruise. Around 11am we are all aboard at the cruise. Then we take a buffet lunch at the 9th deck Wind Jammers and note, this is my favorite part. No rice please! Nothing to worry about the food it is all free and any time you want to eat, just get out of your cabin and eat all you can. We spent 3days at the cruise enjoying all the activities like musical stage play, playing mini golf, swimming, table tennis, after eating we go at the gym, dancing, seminar with Dr.Lim Siow jin and other powerful speaker and eating again.

Stop over at Malaysia

The 5th day of our travel, we took a stop over in Malaysia to look for souvenirs for their families, friends and business partners. After that we get back on our ship for our last day gathering. Guys hope this video will inspire you to work hard. So, that next year you will be with us. More blessings to us guys.