Thursday, July 14, 2011

DXN Gano Massage Oil

DXN Gano Massage Oil

DXN Gano Massage Oil is Enriched with pure Ganoderma extract and palm oil, the DXN Gano Massage Oil contains the finest palm oil and Ganoderma extract suitable for every massage need. It is all-natural and rich in antioxidant. Best for all skin types and ages. Use it as a revolutionary way to perk up your massage.
DXN Gano Massage Oil is suitable for daily use. Use Gano Massage Oil everyday to provide you and your family smooth and supple skin.

    -30% Ganoderma Extract and 70% Palm8Oil
    -Organic, all natural
    -Rich in anti-oxidants - vitamin A, E and beta carotene
    -Vitamin E promotes moisture to skin and hair
    -Provides pain relief through ganoderma's action in improving local blood circulation which effectively deals with main source of muscle soreness spasm and lactic acid accumulation.
    -Non-mentholated and no salicylate, thereby avoiding the danger of salicylate induced dermatitis and drug toxicity.
    -Palm Oil triglycerides carry linoleic acid which favors absorption and availability for use in the body.
    -Adenosine in the Ganoderma mushroom helps improve muscle tone and contractility.
    -For all skin types and all ages.

Direction for Using DXN Gano Massage Oil

1. Shake well before use.
2. Apply sufficient amount on palms and rub gently.
3. Best for deep and superficial massage technique especially on large body parts
4. DXN Gano Massage Oil For external application only.

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