Saturday, July 2, 2011

DXN Roselle Juice and Candy

Roselle is a flowering that used to grow both tropical and sub tropical regions.
The swollen red calyces of the plant contain rich amount of Vitamin C and Minerals such as Zinc, calcium and magnesium.
Roselle is a medicinal plant in the malvaceae family that originated in Egypt.

What does Vitamin C do?

- Vitamin C is an antioxidant and can protect your body from free radicals which may cause heart disease and cancer.
- Vitamin C helps your immune system & helps you heal from scrapes & bruises.
- Vitamin C also keep your gum Healthy. People with lack of Vitamin C often develop swollen gums known as scurvy.
- Vitamin C is an essential nutrient to maintain our metabolism.
- Vitamin C provides good skin complexion & brighten up your skin.

Benefits of Roselle 

-Rich in Vitamin C which is necessary to keep your immune system strong, promotes healthy gums and beautify your skin complexion.
roselle also has vitamin b1 (Thiamine), vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and Vitamin B2 (Niacin) important for converting calories from protein, fat and carbohydrates into energy.
-Contains many types of amino acids and nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, iron, calcium which are very important to our body.
-Helps reduce fever and soothes cold.
-High level of antioxidants such as flavanoids which are good for our heart and body.
-Used as treatment for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

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