Sunday, July 10, 2011

DXN CordyPine

DXN CordyPine

DXN Cordypine is a combination of high quality cordyceps with naturally fermented pineapple juice.
It is a potent formula as the pineapple enzymes produced from fermentation are capable of working actively with cordyceps giving better result and excellent performance. The best health food suitable for people from all walks of life. Regular consumption of  helps in maintaining and improving our body system. 

DXN Cordypine Benefits:

    1.Enhances digestion
    2.Supports healthy joint function

    3.Increases endurance and stamina
    4.Supports healthy blood circulation
    5.Strengthens the immune system
    6.Maintains lung and kidney functions
    7.Promotes male sexual activities
    8.Boosts metabolic cell function

How to take DXN Cordypine?

        -Shake well before use.
        -Dilute 20 ml. of Cordypine into a cup of 80 ml. warm/ cold water. For optimum result, take Cordypine with DXN's RG & GL
        -Keep Cordypine refrigerated after opening
        -The DXN CordyPine may change in color due to the natural aging process.

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