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DXN Cordyceps

DXN Cordyceps

Cordyceps, one of the better-known traditional Chinese medicines, In China it is called " winter worm, summer grass"(DongChongXiaCao) and the "caterpillar mushroom".

For at least a thousand years according to the written record. It has always been very highly regarded, but it has also been the most expensive herbal raw material in the world. This is because it only grows at high elevation in the Himalayas around Tibet and Nepal and in small border sections of India and China. The high altitude makes its collection difficult, and this rarity of Cordyceps has limited its use by the general public. 

It is commonly used in China for the replenishment of general body health. Cordyceps has a broad range of pharmacological and biological actions on the liver, kidneys, heart, and immune system. One of the known pharmacological effects is its anti-oxidation activity.

Composition of Cordyceps:

Cordyceps contains abundance of nutrients and active ingredients such as cordycepic acid, cordycepin, amino acids, glutamic acid, polysaccharides and vitamin B12.

Benefits of Cordyceps:

-Cordyceps can relax the bronchia and strengthen the adrenal glands. Long term administration can reinforce the body against foreign attacks, improve the functioning of organs, strengthen the immune system and in turn, help to bring longevity. 

-Cordyceps gives the body increased vitality and energy.

-The effects of Cordyceps on the airways which lessening their resistance to relaxing and opening could also help to explain the traditional use of this medicinal plant in treating various diseases of the upper respiratory tract, such as pneumonia, chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis. 

-The primary use of Cordyceps in Traditional Chinese Medicine is in the treatment of kidney disorders. 

-Cordyceps appears to be one of the most adaptive immunomodulators. It has been the subject of many studies in immunostimulation and has shown potent effects. The active constituents are water-soluble polysaccharides.

-Cordyceps is effective in revitalize the energy level of male patient.

-Studies have shown that Cordyceps can help treat some liver diseases. In one clinical trial, cirrhosis of the liver following hepatitis was treated with Cordyceps, which was found to improve symptoms and liver-cell structures dramatically. 

-Clinical studies have shown that Cordyceps can reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol and increase the amount of HDL cholesterol in people of all ages. 

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