Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DXN Ganozhi Body Foam

DXN Ganozhi Body Foam  

DXN Ganozhi Body Foam  is enriched with Ganoderma extracts. DXN Ganozhi Body Foam gently cleanses your skin without 
destroying natural oils of skin, leaving your skin soft, smooth and radiant. Besides, it is an effective deodorizer.
Revitalize your skin with Ganozhi Body Foam

Benefits of DXN Ganozhi Body Foam

Lather up with Ganozhi Body Foam &experience how it gently cleanses your skin while maintaining its natural oils. Attain the dewy soft & smooth skin with this Ganoderma-enriched hygiene essential.
- Good for dry skin.
- Cleaning up our skin without removing the natural oil.
- Ganoderma extract which helps in speedy recovery of skin diseases.
- Removed its bad smell and sweat of the body.
- Can use feminine wash.
- Provides protection to our skin against the toxins or pollutants in our environment.
- It removes dead skin cells our or dirt.

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