Saturday, July 2, 2011

DXN Andro-g

The plant is used in homeopathy as remedy: Andrographis paniculata (Andro-g.)

DXN Andro - G is a traditional herbal food used mainly to reduce body heatiness. It contains 100% pure Andrographis paniculata, an important herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for its cooling property.

Andrographis paniculata, has been found to be as effective as silymarin (active compound in milk thistle) in protecting the liver.
Highly recommended to those who have fatty liver. All types of Hepatitis and for men who have bloated stomach.


Other Benfits Andrographis Paniculata

- Anti-inflamatory(reduces swelling)   

- Antipyretic (fights bacterial activity) 

- Antiperiodic (counteracts periodic/intermittent diseases, such as malaria) 

- Antithrombotic (blood clot preventative) 

- Antiviral (inhibits viral activity)

- Cancerolytic (fights, even kills, cancer cells)
- Cardioprotective (protects heart muscles)
- Chloleteric (stimulates production of bile which aides the process of digestion of lipids)
- Depurative (cleans and purifies the system, particularly the blood)
- Digestive (promotes digestion)
- Expectorant (promotes mucus discharge from the respiratory system)
- Hepatoprotective (promotes the liver and the gall bladder)
- Hypoglycemic (blood sugar reducer)
- Immune Enhancement (increases white cell phagoscytosis, inhibits HIV-1 replication, and improves CD4+ and T lymphocyte counts)
- Laxative (aids bowel elimination)
- sedative( a relaxing herb)
- vermicidal (kills intestinal worms)

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